How To Win A Bidding War On A Santa Clara County Property

It’s the ideal situation for a seller, but a bidding war isn’t always so great for buyers. As a buyer caught up in a bidding war on a Santa Clara County property, you need some way to come out ahead of the competing bidders – that is, without offering a ridiculous amount for the purchase … Continued

Local San Jose Parents Oppose Plan to Build Affordable Housing for Teachers

Residents in San Jose California are currently battling their local school district that is planning on relocating two schools to build affordable housing. Many of these homeowners are arguing that this move will hurt their home’s value. A petition has been put together on that has gathered over 4,700+ signatures to voice against the … Continued

Seller’s Market List Price

Should You Price Your Home in a Seller’s Market High or Low? Pricing your home is very important when you’re competing with your surrounding neighbors during a seller’s market. Homeowners should consider that they’re in competition with nearby neighbors selling their property as well. As we finish the first month of the fourth quarter, we’re … Continued

Are We Seeing A Slowdown?

The U.S. housing market recovered in high gear after the last bust-and-boom cycle. Within the past few years, we’ve seen bidding wars, inventory shortages, and astronomical sold prices. Many new buyers entering the market have asked, “when is this going to end?”. Well, lately we’ve been seeing that the page may be finally turning. The … Continued

How To Buy Real Estate Using A Partner in Santa Clara County

Partnerships are as old as business itself, which is just about as long as humans have been around. So there must be something about partnerships that work, that make it a good business move. Sophisticated real estate investors enter into all kinds of partnerships all the time because, chiefly, it can distribute the risk. But … Continued