Steps You Can Take When Facing a Pre-Foreclosure in California

Steps You Can Take When Facing a Pre-Foreclosure in California The scenario of receiving a default notice from your lender can be nightmarish for you. The thought of your home being taken away by your lender was the farthest in your mind when buying it. Pre-foreclosure is the stage when the lender has initiated the … Continued

How To Find Great Tenants in Santa Clara & Alameda County

How to find great tenants in Santa Clara & Alameda County –  it’s a concern for almost everyone in the landlording business. For without good tenants, the whole thing can be a huge headache and a major hassle, often including huge profit-eating expenses for repairs, evictions, and vacancies. But with a little due diligence, you … Continued

How To Add More Value to Your House in Santa Clara & Alameda County

The idea of homeownership is to build equity in your home that becomes an asset over time. In fact, a home is often the largest asset many people will ever have with the exception of perhaps a retirement plan. There are ways for you to maximize the value of the asset before you sell. Improvements can happen … Continued

Ways To Save Money When Selling Your Home in Santa Clara & Alameda County

A home sale generates hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even with the high revenues and potential capital gains, everyone wants to maximize profits. While you don’t want to spend money that doesn’t provide a return on investment in the final sale price, don’t hesitate to put the right money into your home. Save money in … Continued

Buying Your First Home in the Santa Clara County

  Buying your first home can be an intimidating experience, especially in a competitive market such as the Santa Clara County. There are numerous things to take into consideration, from finding the right house to financing. But, being a first-time homebuyer does come with some advantages. First-time homebuyers often have access to special loan programs … Continued