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Hey! First and foremost, thank you for coming across our website. My name is Tommy Meza and my partner Arthur Leal, and I are so excited to have you spend time in discovering who we are. Arthur and I are a local real estate team based in Gilroy CA. We’re currently representing Keller Williams Silicon City. With a combined 35 years of experience, we understand the transactional process, and how important it is for homeowners to feel confident in our services.

Arthur Leal first began his real estate career at the age of 19. His first initial position was in the mortgage industry. He’s been servicing the Santa Clara County for over 35 years. He currently resides in Gilroy CA and has been assisting his neighbors with great education regarding the real estate market. His honesty, ethical, and communicational skills have led to a successful career from both ends of the spectrum as an agent and investor. Arthur is very family oriented and enjoys outdoor activities with his family. 

Tommy Meza acquired his real estate license at the age of 22. He began his career at a private money equity firm in 2013. Three years later, he transitioned to becoming a fulltime agent with Arthur in 2017. Tommy brings a modern approach to communication and internet marketing skills. His honesty, persistence, and creativity have given him and Arthur an advantage in today’s competitive market. Tommy enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and their two boxers.

Now that you know a little bit of us, we want to let you know what is occurring in Gilroy’s market. As you may know, there continues to be a surge of homes being listed for sale. We’re currently seeing new developments rise each day. What does this mean for a homeowner like yourself? Well, since we’re local real estate agents here in Gilroy, we want to share with you some great news! We’re currently seeing prices maintain a healthy position. As of September 2018, we have seen a slight dip in certain areas of Gilroy, but for the most part, things have been very healthy.

When you select a local real estate team here in Gilroy CA, you’ll understand that we know our city more thorough then outside agents. We think about it like this, wouldn’t you want the expert in the area give you a true sense of confidence when dealing with your investment? I know we would! Our goal is to achieve your confidence by providing the utmost value through education and also top-notch service.

Are you considering selling your property, but not sure where to start? We’d love to assist you by first and foremost submitting a free live property evaluation report. Arthur and I believe that it is very important for homeowners to understand their live evaluation prior to hiring an agent to sell their home. We want to make sure you are 100% educated with the current market and what your home’s true value is.

For more information -> My Free Gilroy CA Property Evaluation Report <-

Arthur and I want to thank you for your time and please don’t be hesitant to reach out to us with any of your questions (408) 703-5375.

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