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Arthur and I are very decisive with our marketing plan. We spend the time to understand what is occurring within the neighborhood

and establish systems that allow homes to achieve the most amount of exposure possible. There’s no secret that we live in a digital age where everything is online. Majority of our tactics are presented through multiple web strategies. Although we’re very present online, we still make sure to stay true to brick and motor plans such as flyers and postcards. Homeowners will experience top quality service and they’ll be completely aligned with our marketing plan.

Many homeowners come across discounted brokerages that promise to sell their homes for as little as 1%. Little do they know, with a discounted brokerage comes discounted services. Not to mention, this agent still has to pay out a minimum of 2% commission to the buyer’s agent. Arthur and I go above and beyond with every piece of content, photo, drone video, virtual tour, and description of the home. Our strategies are very well planned and managed as a tight-knit production. This allows homeowners to achieve market highs for their property.

When you’re pinpointing a marketing plan, there’s an important exposure factor that all homeowners must understand. We establish a production for the property that allows for maximum viewing without disturbing the owner. Any agent can hire a professional photographer to come and snap photos of a property. What that agent does with those photos and how they position them to the right buyers is critical. Some of the targeted platforms we push heavily are Facebook, Instagram, Google, public MLS (Zillow, Realtor, etc.), & the traditional MLS. Not only does this allow for the general public to have access to the information of your property but we establish a digital presence that is sure to be viewed by thousands.

One of the key factors we build when marketing a property is selecting certain details that will be major selling points. We put together data regarding the characteristics of the property that we believe will respond well to the market’s needs. This gives us an edge by knowing the local markets and understanding how and stir up buyer’s interest. This is a major marketing benefit for homeowners that need maximum exposure. We recently listed a duplex in Downtown San Jose that has been aligned with some of the major Google Campus advances within the community. We view this as an opportunity for the community to understand the importance of this investment opportunity. Our goal is to establish our marketing with pin-point data that will attract specific prospective buyers. This property will be viewed by as many qualified individuals as possible. Arthur and I understand how buyers work because we research the marketplace thoroughly. Property owners feel confident with our suggestions due to the fact of the success we’ve achieved in the past and we’ve positioned ourselves as local experts.

Lastly, selling your property with a discounted brokerage is always an option that may seem attractive due to the cheaper commission payouts. The truth is, you’re paying for a service that may not be suitable for your specific property. Some homeowners prefer a full-service brokerage like Arthur and I. We go above and beyond for our clients and we’re constantly evolving our marketing tactics. For more information on how you can achieve a free live property evaluation report, contact us today, or fill out the form below.

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